when life gives you lemons…

[...intercepted via Google Wave...]

wat up?
let’s do it

this shit is like health//disco1…chilled out
it makes me want to
pour lemonade2 on a drum machine
and walk across the country3 with no shoes on my feet [...]


VA – Lemonade Remixtape

[...] as my worn feet reached the sands of iowa, i came across a transparent man4
his eyes rolled back twice over and flashed neon yellow
he insisted on creating rhythms reminiscent of the fish-clapping5 of yesteryear

dried and shriveled from the sand storm, my eyes were useless. my ears did the crying for my soul
i wandered backwards through the strands of time, refusing to resist my auditory destiny
my SOFT THING* ate me whole and glitched me out. I was whole again with starving ears.
*Lemonade – Blissout (Soft Thing Remix)
there is no hallucination; i hear as clearly as i once saw my future

these lemons are my future.
can we find a children’s clubhouse before the day’s end? my mind is heavy with what is next.
it’s like what the world would be like if smashing your forehead against the pavement made your heart heal faster.
relief is distant…like pavement. the scars give me character without the consequence.

the salve is within my grasp if i seek6 it
the sweetened citrus renders wounds refreshing reminders of my youth.

I can see Brooklyn from HERE**
**Lemonade – Real Slime (Lazer Sword Remix)

& HERE***
***Lemonade – Big Weekend (Delorean Remix)

–words: Jerry Jones x c.grey

Posted in i on Friday, December 4th, 2009.

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