Hearts of the World FUTURE mix

As Isn’t Presents: Hearts of the World – FUTURE mix

Two years ago, Nicolina1 created Hearts of the World2, a collaborative art project featuring children across the globe. Participants are given anatomical heart templates, which they fill with artistic visions — images representing their dreams and aspirations.

Following initial workshops at The Lower Eastside Girls Club3, Nicolina has brought Hearts of the World to New Orleans, Seattle, Japan, Mexico, Chile, China and Brazil. As the project continues to expand, Nicolina plans to arrange the panels into large-scale installations showcasing diversity and the universality of creative expression.

Our Hearts of the World – FUTURE mix is inspired by the artwork of Moon [above], a student from Zhuhai, China. The nine-year old describes her illustration as: “The way I would like the future to be.”

Us, too, Moon.

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*As Isn’t Presents: Hearts of the World – FUTURE mix

–mix: c.grey; img: Nicolina x Moon

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Left or right ventricle?
Heh, they kind of need each other. But I’ll swing left.

What was the impetus for Hearts of the World?
Children are amazing. They are brilliant artists and often don’t even know it. I created this project because I wanted to work with kids and help give them new tools to find their passions and discover what’s in their hearts. It doesn’t really matter if their passion is painting, dancing, writing, or even mathematics. If they can find it, they have an outlet and a fundamental element of happiness.

Why is there a persistent cultural connection to our anatomical heart?
I believe we are in essence spiritual beings encased in a physical form. We need some kind of portal by which to link together these two realms or a vessel to contain them.

What’s inside your heart?
Stars, eyes, the sun, storm clouds, lightning, hurricanes, blockages, gemstones, rocket ships, galaxies, planets, UFOs, darts, corkscrews, mandalas, cities, fuzzy styrofoam balls from Japan, broken glass, letters, blood, more gemstones — in other words, love, turmoil, passion, fear, excitement and gratitude for being alive, the cosmos and the great mystery running through my veins.

What are your future plans for this project?
Right now I have a couple hundred heart panels stored beneath my bed, so I am literally sleeping on top of the hearts of the world. I’m going to keep collecting paintings, make a book, and share the stories of these children in exhibits around the world.

Mummy Fortuna’s Theatre Company – The Toy Chest
Shuttle – Tunnel
V.i.v.e.k. – Spread Love
Objekt – Tinderbox
Delorean – Real Love
Easy Star All-Stars / The Flaming Lips – Time
Baths – Maximalist
Swede:art – My Home Is Not Here (Kidkanevil Remix)
Teki Latex – Dinosaurs With Guns (Canblaster Remix)

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